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Combo Apps/Top 6 Social Media Platforms for The Mobile Artist

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COMBO APPS: Mobile Extreme Editing

Top 6 Social Media

The other day there was a woman name Violet Martins asking about how Facebook works. She couldn’t understand why no one was looking at her photos or mobile art images. She was asking how does Facebook work ? What was disappointing is no one could really answer Violet’s question. What they were doing is adding more questions about other social media platforms. So this is what I’m going to give you simple breakdowns of top 6 social media platforms to have for a mobile artist.

The other thing you need to know that these 6 social media platforms work in different ways. They are all a different social animal from each other. You need to know how they basically work, so you can use them properly to your advantage.

At the end of the blog post I will give you a list of everything I’m on so you can follow…

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